Football - General information

      Football - General information

      Football to the blind and partially sighted started like a playground game for school children in special schools to the visually impaired. It's probably the most popular sports for individuals worldwide. The overall game was taken in many countries, each playing with its local rules (different balls and pitches were used, rules varied from country to country, etc.). Many countries, for example Spain and Brazil, found out national championships, and soon began organizing very first friendly international matches.

      Blind football - or futsal, as it's well known - joined IBSA in 1996 once the federation decided to bring the overall game on board. The very first task ends up being to approve and approve internationally recognised rules. IBSA European Championships were held in Barcelona, Spain, and the first American Championships took place in Asuncion, Paraguay, in 1997. Ever since that day IBSA regional and world championships happen to be held regularly and international friendly tournaments like the IBSA Cup are a normal feature upon the blind futsal calendar. Brazil wants to be the current IBSA Blind Football World Champion, having won in Tokyo in 2014. Brazil has won four IBSA world titles and Argentina two.

      Subsequent world championships will require place in Madrid, Spain, in June 2018. IBSA has two kinds of football - B1 for footballers that are completely blind, and B2 / B3 for players that are partially sighted.

      Blind football has grown to become one of the biggest sports on the Paralympic Games program. It was recognised in the London 2012 Paralympic Games when the amount of teams participating rose from six to eight. Blind football what probably the most popular sports in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where hosts Brazil won gold for your fourth time running.

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